3D Printing – Wood – Copper – Bronze

The typical materials that we print with and that you can have something printed in are listed below.

PLAABS – Transparent – Nylon – Wood, Copper, and Bronze – Stainless Steel – Polyamide – Photopolymers

3D Printing of Plastics blended with Wood, Bronze, and Copper

We can print with special materials that are PLA plastics blended with non-plastic materials like wood, copper, and bronze. Prints in these materials have a more luxurious appearance than typical PLA. It is necessary to carefully consider the project and the post processing that will need to be done as well

Prints are always on 0.2 mm layers and have a somewhat fuzzy appearance when completed. Sometimes this is a good effect on the design and is often pleasant to the touch. Materials mixed with metals are relatively heavy, about 4 times heavier than the ordinary plastic, and this makes them more expensive. 

We highly recommend that you come in for a consultation before printing, and perhaps printing in a different, cheaper material before have your final object printed. These materials, after sanding, act like the original materials and therefore maybe subject to corrosion. The photos below show the progress of a model made with a bronze mixture. 

IMG_1619 IMG_1664 IMG_1671

Price of Printing

The price of printing with mixed materials depends on how long the print takes. The price is about 400Kč per hour. The total price will increase by about 20% in the case of a failed print. In this case, both the failed and the successful print will be given to the customer. The optimal layer height is 0.2 mm. 


For examples, below are two difficult prints (Da Vinci’s Cryptex and Miloušek)


  1. The cryptex consists of 11 pieces of copper material and 9 pieces of PLA 
  2. Total printing time is 6 hours for copper pieces and 10 hours for PLA pieces
  3. The object had to manually machined for the mechanism to work (took 4 hours)
  4. Subsequently oxidized
  5. Price of printing : 5200Kč
  6. Cost of labor and assembly : 2000Kč
  7. Price to change from 5 letters (original) to 7 letters in the code:  1000Kč


Total :  8200Kč


  1. Miloušek is made of piece of bronze material
  2. Total print time of 6 hours
  3. The object was finished and then hand painted
  4. Price of printing : 2400Kč
  5. Price of labor ad finishing : 1100Kč
  6. Price of modeling : 1000Kč (original)


Total 4500Kč

Let us give you a quote for a model you would like printed. Send a 3D model in *.STL format to info@makerslab.cz and we will give you an estimate of the price.

You can also find us on 3D Hubs, where you can simply upload your 3D model in *.STL format to immediately receive a quote for your model. 

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The principle of the 3D printing technology of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is simple. It is similar to using a hot glue gun. The material is heated until medlted and then forced through a fine nozzle at the end of the glue gun. The difference is that the “flue” that is inserted into the printer is a long plastic wire called a filament. The nozzle of the printer moves and draws a pattern with the material layer by layer. When a model contains overhands, the printer builds support so that you can print in “thin air”. The supporting material must be removed when the print is finished.
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