Sanitation Stopper

zatka2Using this small element, which prints in just one hour, you can quickly clean out your beer tapping devices without the need for expensive sanitation sets. This product can save you up to 3000 Kč. sanitacni-sud-kombi-02

The MakersLab sanitation stopper is ready for connection to a 2L PET bottle with an air hose and the pin. (Shown on the left)

The principle is the same as other conventional barrel and sanitation kits. Just connect the air hose to the side hole and the main hose through the center hole and into the bottom of the PET bottle. The compressor in the pipe takes care of everything and sweeps all of the water from the beer tap. It is good to wait, even if the faucet is empty, to displace all of the water from the device. vnitřní struktura špuntu

3D printing allows us to create an inner chamber for the passage of air through the cap.

The lid can be used with an 8 mm and 8.5 mm beer hose.