3D Printer build workshop

3D Printer build workshop

Come to build and assemble your own 3D printer in MakersLab. This is the best opportunity for you to learn about the 3D printers really everything. We are building czech open source 3D printers.

The workshop is cheaper than an assembled 3D printer and you are done in a single day.

Price: 22990 CZK | level: beginners       SHOW SCHEDULE

Why not build your own printer?

Together, we can help you build and calibrate a 3D printer in just one day.

Workshop on Building a 3D Printer at MakersLab:

  • Build your own printer under the guidance of an expert
  • Finish everything in just one day
  • Building Prusa i3 MK2 – open design 3D Printers
  • Build one printer together with a friend if you want
  • Leave MakersLab with a calibrated printer to take home


Dělnická 43, Praha Holešovice
MakersLab – suterén Paralelní Polis


For this course, no tools are necessary. We will supply you with everything you need.

About MakersLab

At MakersLab we select our teachers carefully. We emphasize that each of our teachers has had practical experience that cannot be learned just by reading. We pride ourselves in picking teachers that are intelligent, empathetic, and have a positive attitude. The relationship between teachers and students is the foundation upon which we build. We believe that a friendly environment in courses is an essential element for awakening your creativity. The character and structure of our courses depend on the individual leading the course. Our teachers have distinct personalities and we hope that your time with them will be inspiring. 


With the course, you will receive a 500Kč discount on the purchase of a  3D printer at our shop www.makerslab.cz/eshop.

If you bring a friend to the course then you will get one hour of free printing!

Building 3D Printers

  • WHY?     You value your time. You will take home a 3D printer that you make in one day and you do not have to dedicate weeks to it.
  • WHERE?      MakersLab – Paralelní Polis, Dělnická 43, Praha 7
  • WHO?      The workshop is for anyone who wants to come and build their own printer!
  • HOW?     Course price including 3D printer: 22990 Kč. You can participate in a pair.
  • WHEN?      Saturday 10:00 – 18:00 | Workshop Dates


Ráda navštěvuji 3D meetupy. Vždy potkám zajímavé lidi a dozvím se od nich všemožné rady.

Jana Jiříková

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