3D printed fashion


MakersLab in cooperation with the Czech Fashion Council organizes an annual fashion show called fashion.stl where designers and printers collaborate to show how 3D printing can be used in the fashion industry. This event is part of the Hacker’s Congress Paralelní Polis.

fashion.stl aims to combine two seemingly incompatible realms, artistic and technical, which actually complement each other and are closely related. Increasing awareness of 3D printing technologies and their applications is one of the most popular topics right now.

Through the collaboration of the fashion designer, modeler, and technologist, fashion concepts are born. The resulting pieces allow the viewer to look beyond the boundaries of the possible and expand the creative thinking of the both the designers and the audience.

The name fashion.stl itself reveals that this project aims to unite the two worlds of the creative fashion industry and the more austere digital world.

The picture above shows a shoe from the repetoire of the “Poslední představení” team, who participated in the first edition of fashion.stl.

A report by ČT on Fashion.stl at the Week of Design in Prague can be found here.

Reportáž ČT - Týden designu v Praze

ČT Report – Week of Design in Prague